Below is a list of the current opportunities available at KIPAC. Deadlines and details of the application processes are given on the linked sites. Please check these sites regularly for updated deadlines and details.

Faculty Postions

Postdoctoral Positions

KIPAC has a number of opportunities for postdoctoral fellowships, generally beginning in the summer or fall of each year.  Research interests at KIPAC cover the interface between physics and astronomy, including a broad range of experimental, computational, observational, and theoretical topics, and we encourage applications for postdoctoral fellows in all of these areas.

Visiting Scientists

We have an active program of visitors to KIPAC, and encourage visits from scientists who have interests in any of the areas in which we do research. If you would like to visit KIPAC, please contact any of our members. Local and Travel information for visitors is available here.

Graduate Students

KIPAC provides excellent opportunities for graduate students to do cutting edge research in wide range of topics in astrophysics and cosmology. Prospective graduate students should apply to the Physics Department at Stanford. Details about the graduate student admissions process can be found here. Both prospective and current students are encouraged to contact any of the KIPAC faculty members to discuss possible research opportunities. A partial list of these opportunities is available here.

Undergraduate Students

Several KIPAC members have research opportunities for Stanford undergraduate students. In addition, we support a number of students each year at SLAC through the DOE sponsored SULI program.

Other Opportunities at Stanford & SLAC